Leaders today are addressing many challenges and opportunities in an ever changing digital world - from optimizing existing investments in technology to harnessing and leveraging new technology for sustainable growth and profitability.

Organizations understand that success, continued growth and profit are the result of an intelligent and well-crafted technology strategy that is aligned with your business strategy.

Sprine can assist you with formulating and articulating an innovative strategy that provides an optimal return on your investment and is aligned with your organizational aspirations and values.

Portfolio Management

You are being challenged everyday to reduce IT expenditures while continuing to provide superior service to meet dynamic business requirements.

Do you know which applications are increasing the value of the organization?

Do you know which applications are competitive necessities?

Do you know which Infrastructure services can be outsourced and which services you should manage in-house?

Sprine can advise and implement a system to continually assess and monitor all your applications and infrastructure to ensure that they are contributing to the advancement of the organization.

Business Process

IT is more than email, servers and word-processing. IT is the enabler of business process automation across the whole organization resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. Allow Sprine to evaluate your internal practices and methodologies and apply appropriate technical solutions to transform and automate business processes across the organization. Our domain and functional expertise combined with our global outsourcing experience will assist you in finding and implementing the optimal solution so you can reap the benefits today.


Research estimates that organizations which have implemented an IT architecture are able to develop systems and applications much quicker and at a lower cost than organizations which respond to application development or system deployment on a case by case basis. Savings estimates range from 10 percent to 20 percent of the total development or deployment costs.

Our experienced system, data and software architects using proven methods and techniques will help you design, develop and implement an IT architecture that can handle today’s challenges while withstanding tomorrow’s technological advances and business needs.