From basic operations to strategic Information Technology (IT) management, Sprine combines in-depth business knowledge, innovative techniques, industry standards and technical expertise to create a customized and cost-effective IT solution which meets your business goals. Consistently excellent, responsive service is a hallmark of Sprine, as is constant innovation and contributing added value in all that we undertake.

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Sprine Score


Customers are demanding more, competition is becoming fiercer, while you are trying to increase profits or reduce costs with limited resources. Do you know whether you are getting the best from your IT?

You may already have metrics in place to provide you with this information, but are they the right metrics? Or you may not have metrics in place and you are not sure what to measure.

Sprine has the answer: The Sprine Score.

Developed by academicians, business and technical experts, Sprine score uses over 1,000 measurements to assess your IT, from operational effectiveness to its alignment with your business and partners.




Leaders today are addressing many challenges and opportunities in an ever changing digital world - from optimizing existing investments in technology to harnessing and leveraging new technology for sustainable growth and profitability.

Organizations understand that success, continued growth and profit are the result of an intelligent and well-crafted technology strategy that is aligned with your business strategy.

Sprine can assist you with formulating and articulating an innovative strategy that provides an optimal return on your investment and is aligned with your organizational aspirations and values.




You have done all the hard work conceptualizing and green-lighting the project. You are ready to implement, but may not have the resources or the inclination to continually monitor or manage the project to its successful completion.

Using time tested project management principles, Sprine will ensure that specifications, budgets, timelines and milestones are being honored. Sprine will also provide timely progress reports and status. At the completion of the project Sprine will provide assessment services which include customer feedback and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis.

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